Comunilife helps New York City’s most vulnerable – the homeless,
people with HIV/AIDS or mental illness, new immigrants who do not speak English and are overwhelmed by daily life, and those in need
of affordable housing.

Dr. Rosa M. Gil opened Comunilife, as H.I.R.E, with the goal
of training Latino and Asian RN’s and LPN’s for
well-paid jobs and increasing the number of culturally
competent healthcare providers for two of the City’s largest
and most vital demographic groups. In 1994,
recognizing the lack of culturally-competent preventive services,
we opened the OASIS Guidance Center, our pioneering
Latino-centered mental health clinic in the South Bronx;
the neighborhood with the city’s largest concentration of
low-income Latinos.

Motivated by horrifying statistics released by the CDC on the prevalence of Latina teens seriously considering suicide,
we developed a groundbreaking new initiative, Life is Precious™
(LIP) in the Bronx. Life is Precious™ is a community
informed, non-clinical program with activities that related
directly to risk factors. LIP expanded to Brooklyn in
2010, Long Island City in 2015 and Washington Heights in 2019.